Yum Crumbs Blog!

After a couple of weeks of good intentions, delayed by those two weeks being very cake filled (we’re not complaining!) it’s finally here! The Yum Crumbs blog! This post is just a quick one to say ‘Hi’ and tell you a bit about the sorts of things you can expect from the blog.

Now because we make cakes, there will inevitably be cakey-content. However we also want to widen what we talk about to include things that matter to us, like the types of ingredients we use, and how we go about making our delicious cakes, as well as things that will interest you about the baking world.

We also know that a lot of cake fans also enjoy having a dabble into cake creation themselves, so we’ll offer reviews of products we’ve tried and helpful tips on baking your own cakes. Baking is a great way to spend time with kids, or to get some ‘you’ time, and there’s the added bonus that at the end, you get to enjoy the product of your efforts.

If you have any questions for us that you’d like us to answer in a future blog, or would just like to get in touch for a chat about cake or anything else, drop us an email or visit us on Facebook. And don’t forget to come back to see us every now and then!

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