Carnival Capers

Yum Crumbs Stall at Alsager Carnival 2013On Saturday we had our first stall at Alsager Carnival. Leading up to the day of the Carnival, I began to get twitchy wondering whether the weather would hold out or whether we’d end up with soggy scones and nobody to decorate all the cupcakes but I have to say the day was a resounding success!

As it was the first Yum Crumbs stall, the event was a bit of test bed to see how the produce would go down and confirm or allay my fears of spending hours toiling in the Yum Crumbs kitchen to bake tasty cakes that would then be resigned to the bin (because there’s only so much cake my stomach can take). We had our suspicions that various community groups like the Women’s Circle and Girl Guides would have been baking too, so wanted something a little different, and I think we mastered it.

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