We believe in using the highest quality ingredients available, even if that means we don’t make as much profit as many other bakers. We don’t think you should have to have second best when you can choose cakes that use ingredients from suppliers who care about the environment and growers. Below are some of the main areas we focus on for making Yum Crumbs cakes better for you and more responsible for the world we live in.

We believe in the importance of promoting organic growing practices, including using natural pest prevention techniques instead of pesticides, and making sure that soil is looked after and fertilised naturally rather than using chemicals and over-farming. In particular, where possible, flour, dairy produce, and fresh fruit and vegetables used in our cakes are certified organic.

cocoa powder

Fair Trade
Where our products contain ingredients sourced outside the UK, we choose fair trade products that support farmers and help ensure they get a fair price for their produce. This includes our caster sugar, chocolate, cocoa powder and fruit such as orange, lemons, limes and bananas.

mrs darlingtons preservesLocally Sourced
Another important factor is sourcing ingredients as locally as possible. This makes it easier to trace the products, ensuring high quality, and supports British farmers and producers too. Fewer food miles also mean lower emissions from distribution.

strawberries Seasonal
We like to use locally sourced produce, especially for our speciality cakes, which means if strawberries aren’t in season, we’re unlikely to deliver strawberry cakes until the fruit is back in season. This not only gives you something to look forward to until next year, but supports local farmers and reduces food miles.

free range eggsFree Range
Where products such as eggs are used in our cakes, we want the animals to have lived a stress free life where they can live naturally. We therefore choose free range products promoting fair farming that respects the animals that enable us to make cake.

half a lemonNatural Flavours
We want you to be able to enjoy the natural taste from natural flavours, so when bring you a lemon cake, you know it’s made with real lemons and not artificial flavouring. We also make sure any vanilla in our cakes is from extract and not vanilla flavouring, ensuring you have a quality, tasty flavour every time. We also never use preservatives, but our cakes are still yummy for a week, if they haven’t been eaten by then!

jars of unrefined sugarUnrefined Sugars
We believe in natural flavour and not messing with your food, so choose unrefined sugars. This means rather than pure white caster sugar going into the cakes we make, sugar has a beautiful golden colour. Refined products are more processed and we prefer to be as close to the natural product as possible.