Carnival Capers

Yum Crumbs Stall at Alsager Carnival 2013On Saturday we had our first stall at Alsager Carnival. Leading up to the day of the Carnival, I began to get twitchy wondering whether the weather would hold out or whether we’d end up with soggy scones and nobody to decorate all the cupcakes but I have to say the day was a resounding success!

As it was the first Yum Crumbs stall, the event was a bit of test bed to see how the produce would go down and confirm or allay my fears of spending hours toiling in the Yum Crumbs kitchen to bake tasty cakes that would then be resigned to the bin (because there’s only so much cake my stomach can take). We had our suspicions that various community groups like the Women’s Circle and Girl Guides would have been baking too, so wanted something a little different, and I think we mastered it.

Side view of the Yum Crumbs stall at Alsager Carnival 2013From a stall dressed with bunting (recycled from my wedding last year) and some vintage table decorations (from my wedding last year!) plus help from family and friends in case a deluge of cake lovers swept us off our feet, we presented to the patrons of the Carnival a selection of delicious Yum Crumbs Gourmet Scones. They went down a storm. We had Chocolate and Cherry, Orange and Cranberry, and the sell-out favourite of the day, Apple, Cinnamon and Sultana. In fact we only had 8 scones left at the end of the afternoon, bearing in mind the event was from 1pm-4pm and we started with over 75 scones, I call that a Scone Selling Success!

Bookworm Cake raffled off at Alsager CarnivalAs well we the scones, I wanted to join in with the fun of the Carnival theme so created a fun celebration cake of a bookworm with his latest reads scattered around him on a hill. We raffled the cake off and it drew plenty of attention to the stall which gave me the opportunity to talk to people about the types of cakes I make, and show off the laminated photographs of the cakes we had decorating the side of the stall. It was great talking to people about the different types of cakes they could order, and we even got an enquiry about a wedding cake, so hopefully we’ll hear from some of the people we spoke to in the near future about booking a Yum Crumbs cake for their celebration!

A proud owner of a completed cupcake at the Yum Crumbs Stall Alsager Carnival 2013Decorating a cupcake at the Yum Crumbs stall Alsager Carnival 2013For the kids, we had Cupcake Decorating, with a table set up alongside the stall promoting our cake parties. With a variety of sprinkles and a choice of coloured frostings to pick from, the children loved making their own cake to then enjoy as they wandered around the field. Hopefully some budding Paul Hollywoods and Mary Berrys will be making their way to one of our venues for a Cake Decorating Party soon. Either way, there were big smiles and proud faces as the kids who took park showed off their creative skills with the sprinkles!

Luke and Elena from Red Shift Radio with their completed cupcakes at the Yum Crumbs stallElena and Luke from Red Shift Radio even popped along and made their own cupcake, as well as giving us a shout out on the radio as they were broadcasting from the Carnival all day. It was also lovely to speak to Liz Southall from Red Shift and I’m hoping there’ll be some exciting news soon to share with you all as a follow on from our conversations at the Carnival!

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