Cake Club

Cakes and workplaces go hand in hand. But we think it’s time to start a workplace cake revolution. Gone is the time of cheap pastries and dense sponge from high street bakeries. Now is the time for light fluffy layer cakes and mouthwatering cup cake collections. Now is the time for Yum Crumbs!

We can deliver cakes to your workplace on demand, to celebrate an office birthday; for the Christmas Party; to say farewell to a member of staff; or to celebrate your boss being on holiday (best make sure the evidence of cake consumption is disposed of if it’s option 4).

There is, however, another way to enjoy Yum Crumbs cake while you’re at work. Never again need you reach for the biscuit tin with your afternoon brew and find that it’s empty because Sue left 3 weeks ago. Neither need you worry about afternoon blues or a growl in your tummy cause you skipped lunch. Gather your work colleagues together and join the Yum Crumbs Cake Club and you could look forward to arriving at work on Cake Day!

How Cake Club Works

The Cake Club is the perfect way to bring your colleagues together with tasty treats once a week. Yum Crumbs cakes are priced to make it simple to set up your own Cake Club in the workplace. Whether you choose a Luscious Layer Cake, for just £1.75 per portion or the Cup Cake Collection at £1.50 per portion, you can enjoy scrumptious cake made with organic and high quality ingredients. All you need to do is decide how many people are going to do the tasting! Also, keep an eye out for special offers when you join.

We offer a range of Luscious Layer Cakes comprising two 9″ sponge cakes made from mouth watering, light sponge and packed with flavoursome fillings. We also offer most of our Layer Cake flavours in our range of Cup Cake Collections.

Cup Cakes come in boxes of 12, giving easy to allocate portions, whilst the Layer Cakes give 12 generous portions, or up to 16 smaller slices which will still put a smile on everyone’s faces. If you have a small team, you don’t need to worry either, as our cakes taste great for up to 5 days, if there’s any cake left by then!

Alternatively, if you have a nice boss, press gang them into recognising the hard work of you and your team mates with the Employee Cake Scheme.

Employers Reward and Recognition

If you see your staff struggling through a Friday afternoon just trying to make it ’til the weekend starts and want to give them a helping boost, the Employee Cake Scheme could be just what your business needs!

Sugary goodness can be the perfect pick-me-up to get smiles back on the faces of your employees and boost their concentration and productivity.

Plus, nothing says recognition of employees’ efforts better than a reward, so if your team deserves a thank you for their hard work and commitment, join today and who knows, they may even save you a slice.