Carnival Capers

Yum Crumbs Stall at Alsager Carnival 2013On Saturday we had our first stall at Alsager Carnival. Leading up to the day of the Carnival, I began to get twitchy wondering whether the weather would hold out or whether we’d end up with soggy scones and nobody to decorate all the cupcakes but I have to say the day was a resounding success!

As it was the first Yum Crumbs stall, the event was a bit of test bed to see how the produce would go down and confirm or allay my fears of spending hours toiling in the Yum Crumbs kitchen to bake tasty cakes that would then be resigned to the bin (because there’s only so much cake my stomach can take). We had our suspicions that various community groups like the Women’s Circle and Girl Guides would have been baking too, so wanted something a little different, and I think we mastered it.

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Why Didn’t My Cake Rise?

When baking a cake, there is little worse than the disappointment of a cake that failed to rise. If you keep being beset with shrunken flat sponges that look nothing like the picture in your recipe book, it’s time to work out what’s going wrong, so check out the common cake problems below that cause many people’s sponges to go south.
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How to Soften Butter

When making cakes, you always need to make sure your butter is nice and soft. This is to ensure it combines fully with the rest of your baking ingredients to give a delicious well-risen cake.

If, like us, you prefer to use proper butter, using this simple technique to soften your butter will allow it to blend fully with the sugar and other dry ingredients that go into your cake. Butter that has not been sufficiently softened can leave small lumps of butter that make your baked cake greasy and the uncombined sugar can crystalise giving a crispy edge to your cake.

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Using the ‘Creaming’ Technique

A quick glance through the instructions in many cake recipes will normally lead you to find references to ‘creaming the mixture’. If you’re a newbie to home baking, or have previously stuck to ‘all in one’ recipes, you may be thinking ‘but I’m not making a cream cake!’ Well don’t panic, because our simple steps will have you creaming cake mixtures with confidence in no time at all.

The main purpose of creaming a mixture is to introduce air. It’s at this first stage in the cake making process that you begin combining your ingredients that the vital air which gives a light and tasty sponge is added.

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Yum Crumbs Blog!

After a couple of weeks of good intentions, delayed by those two weeks being very cake filled (we’re not complaining!) it’s finally here! The Yum Crumbs blog! This post is just a quick one to say ‘Hi’ and tell you a bit about the sorts of things you can expect from the blog.

Now because we make cakes, there will inevitably be cakey-content. However we also want to widen what we talk about to include things that matter to us, like the types of ingredients we use, and how we go about making our delicious cakes, as well as things that will interest you about the baking world.

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